In the recent years interest in civil/ commercial market for UAS has grown tremendously since UAS technology can seem to be applicable in many areas and will be cost-effective compared to manned flight as well as allow for completely new solutions. In the long term you can imagine unmanned solutions to take wholly or at least partly over the manned flights. Analyses from the U.S. shows that the global market for UAS all together will have a turnover of approx. 500 billion. DKK in 2023. 

The technology within the platform (the plane), payload (sensors, cameras, etc.) and surrounding systems are developing rapidly and makes flying safer and more advanced applications possible. The applications of UAS are manifold - eg. fire and crime control, traffic management, inspection services of for example bridges and windmills, monitoring of the environmental disasters, maritime accidents, weather forcast, border surveillance, nature, crops and wild animal population monitoring, photo/ video for large events, and many others.

Despite Denmark's relatively limited activity in the aerospace, we can see business growth in UAS field in this country. HCA Airport has built an industrial network- UAS Denmark, and it includes a wide range of members like, six major universities, developers and manufacturers directly within UAS, large companies, for example within software development, public organizations, various end users and not least international companies such as the world's largest aircraft manufacturers - Boeing. 

In addition, Denmark has very kapable manufacturers of sensors, fuel technology, satellites, etc. UAS Denmark also has members joining from emergency services, police, agriculture etc., who demonstrate an interest in getting started with the use of UAS. 

Based on international studies we can anticipate a significant national and regional growth within the field. 

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