UAS Denmark

UAS Denmark is a network for the Danish UAS industry. We were founded by Hans Christian Andersen Airport in November 2012 and we are located at the same airport in Odense. 

We are the place where companies meet their current and future customers, new customer groups are cultivated, ideas are qualified and where developers and researchers come to test the latest technologies. UAS Denmark will ensure that Danish companies, authorities and scientists characterize these developments nationally and internationally in the UAS industry - and get exploited the maximum potential therein. After the first half a year we had reached the mark of 50 members in the UAS Denmark network both national and international, and new ones are joining all the time. We are represented by the entire value chain; researchers, operators, manufacturers, government agencies, private companies and end users.

The network is based on industry and research expertise in software, robotics, sensor technology, material development and application such as Arctic research, environmental applications, agriculture and homeland security, to name a few.

UAS Denmark offers a range of networking and knowledge communication activities, and since its recent establishment has hosted more than 10 events at Hans Christian Andersen Airport with national and international participants, such as ISARRA 2014 conference (International Society for Atmospheric Research Using Remotedly piloted Aircraft) Scientific day of drones and many more.

The purpose of ISARRA 2014 was to bring together researchers and teams that use unmanned aircrafts for atmospheric and Earth observation sciences. Both aircrafts, helicopters, balloons and other LTA, kites, etc. were invited to participate. There were sessions for both presentations of airframe and sensors as well as research results obtained using such aircrafts. The conference also featured a session on regulations and best practice, which focused on the challenges facing researchers who wish to use unmanned aircrafts. Read more about ISARRA 2014 and other events

We aim to promote our members through websites, media etc. and develop a range of membership benefits. Read more about the network on UAS Denmark website and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We have together with the industry developed a Danish ROADMAP describing the development strategy for the industry in 2014 and 2015. Read more here.


Lufthavnvej 131, DK-5270 Odense N | Tel: +45 65 95 50 72 

Opening hours: Monday - friday: 08:00 - 18:00. Saturday - sunday:  09:00 - 17:00